Welcome to the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge, and the journey through Storyroad.

These Adventures aim to answer one question: who are the gamemasters?

Passed down through the generations, a series of stories and legends live on through the few who take on the challenge of keeping the gamemasters alive, but hidden.


Their tales are stored all around us in everyday objects and locations, that people pass by without noticing. Blended in to the background of simple, everyday life.


But to those who know where to look and what to look for, these mundane items take on a new significance as the continuation of a story begun long ago.


A time capsule found inside the centerpiece statue of St Albans’ Taylor Park appears to be a series of notes, riddles, and other stories shared over the last centuries, dating from as early as the St Albans Raid – which is America’s northern most point of the civil war – and are as modern as only a few years ago.


This hidden dropbox was clearly only known by a few people, who took it upon themselves to maintain it and add to it every generation. With so many people passing through the rail city, it’s difficult to say if these stories were created by residents or purposeful visitors. Now with its secrets unlocked, you have the opportunity to follow the series of clues, hidden in plain sight, to discover if you share the mind of a gamemaster.


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