PO Box 1649

West Dover, VT 05356

(802) 464-5207

2019 Adventure Passes: Manchester Challenge

Include Gear Kit? (shirt, bottle, bag, book)

Welcome to the 2019 Green Mountain Adventure Challenge! The Manchester Adventure opens May 24th, 2019 and closes Sept 2nd, 2019.



  • After you purchase this pass item, you will receive an email receipt with an order/voucher number.
  • Within 2 days, you will receive a SECOND, separate email with the starting information for the Adventure.
  • Please note: you do not have to physically check-in anywhere and there is nothing to be shipped to you. If you added Adventure gear, you can choose to have that shipped to you, or pick it up at the West Dover Inn located at 108 Route 100, West Dover, VT 05356.



  • Kids under 18 are welcome to join only with parental supervision.
  • Children 14 and under are free.
  • $5 of each pass is donated to a local charity and $5 is put into the grand prize cash pot. 
  • You can add an adventure Gear Kit with each pass above. Gear kits include: tshirt, water bottle, backpack & notebook.
  • The gear kit items are the same design for each Adventure location.
  • No refunds can be issued on Adventure passes.