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Secret Swimming Hole

Yes, we are already thinking about summer. It's been hovering around zero degrees here for over a month, so we think we're allowed some indulgences.

Our favorite local swimming spot is Pikes Falls. A few years ago, it didn't exist on any internet map. Today, you might be able to find it on Google but even they don't have its location quite right... yet.

It's a picturesque place with two main swimming pools, some short waterfalls, and awesome caves for hiding out. On a summer weekend you'll likely find a few dozen tourists there wading in the water or jumping off the one safe spot for cliff diving. There are neither lifeguards here nor hospitals nearby - just a sign showing the number of deaths, so be smart.

How do you get there? Basically you head up Pikes Falls Rd in Jamaica, VT until you see a few random cars parked on the side of the road by a red barn along a corner bend. There, you'll find a narrow footpath into the woods. You only have to walk about 100 yards to get to the river - you can almost hear it from the street if you listen closely enough.

If you really need step-by-step directions, stop by the West Dover Inn in Dover, VT. They have a hand drawn map that will get you there.

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