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Best Restaurants in Southern Vermont

The southern edge of Vermont's majestic Green Mountains is an expansive geographic area filled with some of mother nature's most beautiful scenery and home to some of Vermont's best culinary highlights. In such a large area where everything is designed to blend in to its surroundings, it can be difficult to spot the best new places and know where to go so we've put together a list of Vermontime's favorite restaurants for you. If you're going to be in Southern Vermont, these are your must visit locations:


136 Main St, Brattleboro, VT

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Located in the heart of Brattleboro, Duo's Executive Chef, Tyler Skrivanek, has combined a fresh creative menu with one of Brattleboro's most beautiful settings. Sitting in the corner window facing Main St while enjoying a Currant Affair cocktail (Aqua Vitea kombucha / whiskey / tarragon / currants), the braised pork belly app with cider glaze, and the cavatelli butternut squash dinner is a people watchers' paradise. The nightlight here is lively and the local conversations are smart. Be ready to fill both your stomach and mind with goodness. Call ahead for a table.

Williamsville Eatery

26 Dover Rd, Newfane, VT

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Before it became a mecca of creative Vermont cuisine, this now locally famous Eatery was one of Vermont's longest operating general stores dating back to the 1820s. Its new owners, Glenn Richardson & Dylan Richardson, have put their heart and soul into re-making this historic spot into a modern must-have amenity for their rural community. You instantly notice the loving spirit at play in every hand-carved wooden feature, every local craft beer, and each incredible entree they serve. It has one of the area's cutest bars (straight in the back), a perfect spot for trying a Vermont brew, their incredible local sourced meatballs, and juicy wood-fired steak. There's no cell phone service in this section of Vermont, which only adds to its charm!

The Tavern

108 Route 100, Dover, VT

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The Tavern is a casual, yet modern chef-inspired Vermont bar & restaurant located inside the uber-charming West Dover Inn - which was built in 1846 and still operates today as one of Vermont's longest running family owned inns. Its relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff will instantly charm you into enjoying one of the Tavern's many delicious options like its popular fresh seafood raw bar (one of the only raw bars in Southern Vermont) stacked with oysters, shrimp and mussels. The Tavern's Executive Chef, Shana McConnell, creates new local sourced specials weekly that will make you consider taking special trips back to Vermont just to see what she comes up with next - from duck and steak to seafood sourced straight from the harbors of Boston and Maine, each comes with its own chef inspired twist. Try the selection of Vermont craft beers with the parmesan truffle fries (yum!) and her homemade pasta special of the week - you'll know you've discovered a hidden gem.

Note: Vermontime's editor has family connections to this restaurant. While this fact shouldn't exclude the chef from receiving her rightful accolades, it is important that we mention this connection.

Two Tannery Road

2 Tannery Rd, Dover, VT

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Eating at Two Tannery isn't just a culinary treat, it's also a trip back in time to some of America's most famous Presidential history. Located just off Route 100 on the way to Mount Snow, this upscale bar & restaurant was once the family home of Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt starting in the early 1900s. Its young and energetic new owners, Tim and Becky Clark, have kept its historic authenticity alive and well by adorning the walls with some of Roosevelt's personal possessions including his rifle and the original signed deed. After you've marveled at the history, grab a seat and be ready to enjoy a modern culinary delight. The tuna tartare app is incredible by any city standard, and the Nutty Vermonter (almond crusted chicken breast filled with Vermont sharp cheddar & hardwood smoked ham, honey mustard dipping sauce) will have you rethinking every chicken you've ever made at home.

Cask and Kiln

4 N Main St, Wilmington, VT

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When you first walk in to Cask and Kiln you wonder if you're still in Vermont or if you've just found a magic portal to one of London's or New York's classiest places. The Cask's blend of authentic Vermont charm and modern attention to detail is nothing short of stunning. And we've only just walked in the door! The bartenders here know how to make a drink and they create new ones on a rotating pace that keeps it hard to try them all. Do not go here and order your usual glass of wine or favorite beer - be bold and take an adventure down their drink list. You'll be glad you did. Once you're ready to eat, take it slow and enjoy every bite of their speciality flatbreads, incredible steaks and delicious desserts. They have a beautiful large window from the street straight into the kitchen so you can see the professional attention to detail at work in every plate. Plan to take your time and enjoy a true evening out. Insider tip: Don't miss the upstairs bar for an after dinner drink!


33 W Main St, Wilmington, VT

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Folly is one of those inconspicuous culinary gems that thousands of people probably drive by without realizing what they're missing. It only has a handful of tables and is only open Friday-Sunday, so call ahead to make a reservation weeks in advance. The menu changes very often but that's because it's one of Vermont's most creative small restaurants so each dish oozes with pride. You'll find a variety of dishes from lobster and duck to octopus and more, each with a remarkable handmade flavor that we feel comfortable saying you'll never experience anywhere else after you leave. This is your place for a culinary adventure that will rival any big city dish.

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