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Today in history: An explorer known for his ambitious scientific endeavors, stories tell of a friend from the Academy, Mr. Partridge, who set out to find the highest ground for scouting the terrain and weather patterns of the valley below. He found himself atop the unchartered heights in perfectly coincidental timing with the seasonal equinox!


Among his many discoveries during this ascent was a fresh water spring, to keep his corps well-hydrated, and a magnificent lookout point upon the jutting stone carved out by nature eons prior. With a clear view of the entire region, he sat perfectly perpendicular on a marble bench to measure the bearing of many natural features straight ahead. 


Decent progress continues to be made on a more efficient design of the major intersection in the center of town. Recent closings of one mill has allowed for more open space to be had, and many general public have taken advantage of the opportunity by relaxing in the grove - enjoying the sound of the nearly mill falls. There is even talk of a future series of nearly a dozen monuments to honor various causes, foreign engagements and other historical moments - dating as far back as Wentworth's days himself!


While in the store this morning, I met the most interesting man, a Mr. Orvis, from upon the eastern ridge of town. Tavern locals tell me he is an honest folk, one of many generational families that originally settled these lands in hopes of living a simple life. A good life. What was most unusual was the story he had to share about a startling encounter he had during a recent walk in the woods to his favorite hidden location.


Upon his arrival, he found another man, average height, standing with a hand ax carving what turned out to be a strange series of gaps in the wet rock. He immediately asked the person why they would be going to such effort - and the answer was most obviously a lye.


He did share that his personal travels and health issues, including his inability to bend his knees, were becoming a struggle and so he needed the stone for work on his home, but the small rectangular shape and evenly spaced holes he had created did not support his story. In my efforts to learn more, I nearly fell off the narrow gap into the falls below. I put my back to the raging water and managed to hold on to the stone gaps - getting a closer look.


This was one of the more peculiar experiences I've ever heard of in the deep forest! 


Dear friend and local legend, Mr. Roosevelt, is once again gaining favor among the political classes with news of his personal correspondence with one local resident. While it is not a recent letter, it establishes a permanent link between two of America's most well-known families - who happen to cross paths here on frequent occasion. This campaign season is no exception. Nothing stirs up conversation like a good story about backroom handshakes and dealmaking among the country's elite! 


Many local families and friends have long told tales of the Masons, both publicly known and unknown, who frequent our beautiful area for recreational activities. Of late, however, an unusual amount of professional discussion between a handful of rumored fraternity members has been on the rise. Their prominence is not lost on me, having read the letters, and heard the tone of discussions. Their zealous fascination with mathematical precision and legacy establishing symbolism carries near and far, across mountain ranges, and reaches into the halls of power. 

To proceed, enter the sum of the

three vertices.

(hint: the west number is a round, whole number)

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